My concept is to create a space that users can come to
work, learn, relax, eat, play, and rewind in that is
outside their usual environment. What makes this space
& its architectural features unique is that it has all the
necessities for users to come and find peace and comfort
in every space and activity.

The audience for these spaces can be used publically for
employees/workers as well as for the public users.
Bringing privacy to public spaces, users can enjoy
the exterior elements that interwine and come inside
the interior.

These are some Phenomenal Strategies that I approached to create for this space thinking of Covid related safety measures as well as using materials that seem warm and inviting for a special space for people to start gathering and feel united and at peace again.
There are 27 “voxels” in total and each floor has different activities and programs except play and circulate which is connected on many of them like a backbone.

Some exterior perspective/elevations of the entire space.
An interior rendering of where people can come gather as well as relax and do yoga or meditate.
This space shows individual eating as well as a kids play area for kids to be dropped off at to sit or draw on whiteboard walls.
This space are mainly for the staff who can come into a more open space that they can work creatively and still be able to turn around to discuss with each other or have their privacy in phone booths.