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Up&Up is a housing solution designed for multigenerational refugee families in search of comfort and security.

The design focuses on providing a well-organized and versatile living space with the commitment of fostering development and steadiness by ensuring the comfort of individual units for each generation
and incorporating communal areas to encourage interaction and create a nurturing atmosphere.

User Profile & Research

User- Multigenerational Refugee Family
Secondary User- Separated Refugee Families.

Families of refugees frequently face housing difficulties due to issues with availability, price, and comfort-
able living conditions. Finding the proper costs to suit individuals, children, and elders is an obstacle. The majority of refugees who escape their nation of origin split up their families and are typically apart while traveling. This housing can house individuals because it offers separate sleeping quarters for people of different generations.

Precedent Study– 100m3 Apartment by MYCC


Daily Life Anaylysis– Multigenerational Family

The social, dining, and private spaces flow to arrivals and departures. With large families, the dining and cooking areas are near the social area for a more holistic experience. The sleeping/waking space is nestled away at the edge, providing access to personal hygiene and preparation areas for every age category. The working space is located near to the dining and social areas so that families can observe their children while they work. Personal hygiene and getting ready for children, seniors, and adults are located near bedrooms; if a family is larger, the area’s size can be expanded. Relaxing and Entertaining area can be modified into a bedroom for large size families while also allowing circulation in the area.

Rendered Sections


Material Board


Facade Elevation

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