LAYER-ed Home: Multi Layer Home

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*LAYER-ed Home is a group project.

*Multi Layer Home is an individual project by the author.

The LAYER-ed Multi is a 3-4 beds unit for large multigenerational families or student sharing that provide affordability by packing more beds into a smaller space utility a system of movable “modules “ that completely transform the interior spaces to a different program.

Research of Multigenerational family:

Percentage of households that are multigenerational: 5.1%

Total multigenerational households: 372,112

After the pandemic, more families decided to invite the senior to live with them and become a multigenerational family. Parents need seniors to help them take care of their children when they are working at home or on new schedules. When the seniors move in, they need bigger space for them to live and have their own activities.

Bubble Diagram:

Multigenerational families need different activity zone for each one of them. I first decide the place of those unmovable space like: bathroom and kitchen. Then I got my two open space that are empty. With the data of my research, I decided which activity is more fit with those empty spaces.


After having those open space, the storage of the apartment became a problem. Even there are storage on the modular walls, it is still not enough for multigenerational family. I raised up 1’7″ of the floor, so that I can have extra space in the floor to store.

Track System:

Unlike other units in my team, I don’t have a column inside my space to help me devide the space for the track system. I used every mid point of the walls or columnes to find out the guide line for my track system that can work with move and rotate.

About rotating, I was thinking about a system that have magnetic lock. Once the user push the modular wall to the specific spot, the user can unlock it and then rotate it. With the rotation of the wall people can divide the space and sunlight differently with the wall.

Floor Plan(All Fold):

After all walls are folded, users can push them all against the wall to have opening space.

Floor Plans(Night):

For night time, users can push the middle modular wall in the living space out to have two folding single size beds. In the two bedrooms, we can push the modular walls out from the folding mode and rotate them in the middle of the circle that are set for the perfect rotating. I also design small panel of wooden sheets to fill up the space in between the wall and modular walls that can devide the space and voice in the bedroom to create the private space.

Floor Plans(Day):

During the day, I desined the modular wall that can fold up two desks that can create a dining table. Also with the drawer in between, user can divide these two desks into personal working space. All the folding chairs can be stored into the drawer.

Before sleeping, users can have their bedroom space open up to have a space enjoying a movie night. The screen that is hang on the wall that can be fold down.

Floor Plans(Work):

With the working mode, users can actually choose what kind of the modular wall they want from all the modular walls that are designed for different hobbies before they move in. I am showing the chef mode here which is designed for people who enjoy cooking.

In the bedroom, users can have the bed fold up and rotate the modular wall in the circle again to have a folding desk that is behind the queen size bed.