MAXI-FORM_Housing_Affordable, Modular, Collective

Concept Statement

Maxi-Form is starter apartment designed to accommodate the needs of a young growing family. This apartment achieves affordability by macimizing program within minimal square footage via transforming elements that convert the shared/common spaces into private spaces when privacy is needed


Brownsville is a vibrant community that has many needs. This building fulfills those needs by creating a community inspired by Brownsville. The building creates jobs and provides education to those in the community, enriching the people. Brownsville has high air pollution, low access to higher education for its residents, and high crime rates. The health of residents is also not good, and many are not covered by health insurance when they fall ill. so our goup decided to create a self-sistaining community that people desire to live their entire lives in the building.


The rent fee is keep getting expensive and have not enough houses. The problem I have solve is a medium size room for a couple or a young family.

User profile & Schedule: Young family

Unit info & Programming

KIts of parts

Floor & RCP Plan & Section with Funishing and Finishing


Material/Finish Board

Exterior Finishing

Extra detail Rendering