The Cabinet Studio

The cabinet studio is designed for individuals on the autism spectrum, providing them with a soundproof wooden environment and ample storage cabinets to facilitate organization and promote mental clarity.


  • MANAGE SOUND, Individuals on the autism spectrum are extremely sensitive to sounds; therefore, Well-organized bookcases can minimize clutter and serve as sound buffers when placed against shared walls. This is especially important for individuals with ASD who already have very busy minds and need an organized space. Wood textures also help reduce outside noise. adding pink noise (which is calming and soothing) can help those with sleep issues.
  • ORGANIZED SPACE, Spaces that are orderly and defined are easier for the autistic mind to process and more inviting. It’s important to keep furniture and objects placed in an organized manner, such as in a grid-like pattern. Private areas or nooks should be provided for alone time.
  • LARGE WINDOW, Large windows are preferred over many small windows since research has shown that multiple small windows can be disturbing for individuals with ASD. Large windows allow natural light to come through.
  • MOVEABLE SEATING, Seating options that move with the body should be considered.
  • NEUTRAL COLOR, Research has shown that approximately 85% of people with ASD perceive colors with greater intensity than those without ASD do. Therefore, using neutral colors like beige or tan can have a calming effect while pinks and violets evoke feelings of safety and love.